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Through the process of mediation, parties can control the resolution of a dispute through negotiation with the assistance of a mediator. As a result of my experience assisting parties in the settlement of hundreds of cases in federal court, I have learned the value of patiently working with lawyers and their clients to negotiate a fair and amicable resolution of even the most hotly contested and difficult cases.


Arbitration offers the parties to a dispute the opportunity to resolve disputes in a private and hopefully efficient manner while preserving the right to due process and a fair hearing. I am committed to using my forty-four years of experience as a civil litigator and judge to make the arbitration process succeed in achieving these goals.

Special Master

The role of Special Master can vary to include management of electronic discovery, overseeing and resolving discovery disputes, resolving important issues about the application of the attorney client and work product privileges, working on settlement of multiple claims, and administering claims in class actions and other complex cases.  As a magistrate judge in federal court, I have a wide range of experience in carrying out these tasks.

Litigation Consultation

I look forward to assisting lawyers and their clients with special projects such as serving on Special Litigation Committees, conducting independent internal investigations, mooting important arguments, and participating in in-house training program.




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